Landing Gears

When manufacturing landing legs, MARSHALL uses state-of-the-art technologies introduced by leading European and American experts. All key manufacturing processes are automated, which minimizes occurrence of any flaws. The factory features the last generation of vacuum equipment for thermal treatment, conforming to strict requirements of the CQI-9 standard regulating thermal treatment procedures in automotive industry. Modern electrophoretic chambers are used for painting by the best method that exists so far—E-coating.
The MARSHALL landing legs have a number of technical features making them the optimal solution for operating in any conditions:

Wide Range

As of today, model range of the MARSHALL landing legs includes more than 70 items for various types of semitrailers. It is easy to select an optimal model for a semitrailer, since various elements exist in many combinations aimed to suite customer requirements:
  • Five types of shoes designed for various types of bearing surfaces;
  • Models with standard and increased lifting capacity;
  • A lot of different mounting heights;
  • Control is available in two options—on one or both sides (gears with crank handles are installed on both support legs);
  • Several types of mounting plates;
  • High external impact resistance.
Manufacturing involves special E-coating technology (coating by electrodeposition) that ensures reliable antirust protection. This is especially important in the winter time, when parts need protection against agressive reagents used on roads to prevent slipping. Special molibdenum-based grease, used in various devices, allows using mechanisms in wide range of temperatures: minus 50 to plus 120 degrees Celsius. Sealed housing ensures reliable protection against dust, moisture, and other contaminants causing performance reducing and failures.

Optimal Design for Convenience and Ease of Operation

Constant feeding of grease to the twist mechanism inside the housing allows operating the device without maintenance. To provide better performance, the gearbox design of the landing gear features two lifting speeds—movement under load and fast movement without load, while ensuring smooth and even lifting and lowering of the semitrailer.
The MARSHALL landing gear conforms to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulations of Germany and the world standards ISO 9001:2008. The products have a 2-year warranty.