Brake Camshafts and Brake Camshaft Repair Kits

MARSHALL offers a wide range of brake camshafts and their repair kits, which are installed on BPW, SAF, Meritor, Scania, Mercedes, MAN, Fruehauf and other brands. The range of MARSHALL brake camshafts is one of the largest on the market and includes more than 90 items. The range of MARSHALL brake camshaft repair kits consists of more than 20 items, which can be applied to most of popular types of brake camshafts.





MARSHALL brake camshafts and repair kits have the following advantages:

Strict compliance with original dimensions

All MARSHALL brake camshafts and brake camshaft repair kits are manufactured in full compliance with the dimensions and shapes of the original parts, based on samples and drawings from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This ensures full compatibility, easy installation and replacement.

Optimal composition

MARSHALL brake camshaft repair kits’ composition matches the composition of the original items. All components necessary for replacement and maintenance of a brake camshaft are included in the MARSHALL repair kit.

Long service life

Brake camshafts are hardened at points that are most susceptible to wear, such as the S-shaped head, the splined part and seats for rings and bushings. This ensures high strength and longer life of the parts.


All MARSHALL brake camshafts and brake camshaft repair kits have a 2 year warranty.